I am a Fine Oil Painter and Graphic Designer born and raised in Southern California. I have practiced my craft ever since I could pick up a pencil. I studied under the Master artist Michael Ward. From there, I went on to attend California State University Northridge where I majored in the Fine Arts. Transferring from CSUN to Art Institute of California Los Angeles, I graduated with a B.S. degree in Graphic Design.

After going through years of trauma and drama while growing up with a family of full of turmoil, addiction and depression, I now achieve my dreams of being a prolific oil painter. I use my art as a personal form of therapy to help heal myself as well as others. I have lost 3 people who were extremely close to me to suicide, including my brother, best friend, and stepdaugher. I believe one of the reasons why so many people are unhappy today is because we have lost our connection to ourselves, to nature and to one another. I intend for my art to serve as a bridge into consciousness that we are all one and connected. I strive with every finished work to invoke feelings of empowerment within oneself and the divine connection that unifies us all.

As an artist, I try to develop paintings that speak to me and to others, through colors and compositions, about the beauty and strength that exists in us and all of life. I feel it's my job as an artist to use my paintings to remind human beings of our roots and the importance of being connected to ourselves and nature. I would describe my style as a combination of surrealism, visionary, and fantasy. My paintings have appeared in a number of showing, exhibits, galleries, and private collections throughout the world.

Solo Exhibitions:

2022 Featured Artist / Bay City Arts Center, Bay City OR

2021 Featured Artist / Exhibition Gallery, Hilo HI

2020 Solo Show / Benko Art Gallery, Lake Tahoe CA

Group Exhibitions & Festivals:

2022 Lightning in a Bottle, Buena Vista Lake CA

2019 Art Basel, Lincoln Michael Gallery, Miami FL

2019 "Pagan Holiday" The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2019 Still Dream Festival, Wilseyville CA

2019 Lightning in a Bottle, Buena Vista Lake CA

2019 Envision Festival, Costa Rica

2018 Featured Artist, Garage Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2018 Cosmic Cabaret, Los Angeles CA

2018 Still Dream Festival, Wilseyville CA

2017 "Wishlist 5" Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles CA 

2017 One Love Festival, Lake Perris CA

2017 Sally Centigrade Gallery, Lakewood CO

2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival, Oregon

2017 Cosmic Cabaret, Los Angeles CA

2017 "Venus" La Bodega Gallery, San Diego CA

2017 Lightning in a Bottle, Bradely CA

2017 Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree CA

2016 "Venus" La Bodega Gallery, San Diego CA

2016 "Visionary" The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2016 Cosmic Carnival, Los Angeles CA

Ongoing Gallery Representation:

2020-Present   Benko Gallery, Lake Tahoe CA

2018-Present   Garage Gallery, Los Angeles CA

2015-2017   Wild Eye Gallery, Kalispell MT

2015-2016   Lisa Victoria Gallery, New Orleans LA    



Tillamook OR, USA